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April 2006, The Sun (a British newspaper) published an image of the german president Angela Merkel, during the holidays with her husband in southern Italy. These images were taken by the paparazzi and produced a high controversy. The newspaper accompanied the images by humorous comments concerning the size of the rear of Merkel and the good performance of the german economy. The information of this notice is about facts, so we know this is the right to freedom of information. The information is verified, because we can confirm that she is Angela Merkel. It is also newsworthy, because it’s a public figure, the president of a country.

I think this notice infringes the right to self-image, because Merkel didn’t consent that those photographs were taken. In addition, I believe that it violates the right to privacy. Despite the fact that Merkel is a public person, she has the right to enjoy quiet moments in her life, especially the holydays; this have nothing to do with his public office.

If besides we add that Merkel and her husband are very careful about their intimate sphere and avoid all contact with the press that goes beyond official, we can be clear that, in this case, the newspaper can’t be protected by the right to information.

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