Kate Middleton is a public person because she is married with William, the son of the Prince of England.
In these images, Kate Middleton appears in an intimate moment of her life. She is without her top bikini and with her husband. The reason because the magazine is violating her right to privacy is because she takes off her bikini in a privates place and moment not in a public one. She does it because she is on holiday and she thinks that there is no problem to do it because nobody is looking her.
In spite of Kate Middleton is a public person and maybe this is a public interest news, it happens in a private moment of her life and in a private place. In addition, when taking these pictures they are on holiday.

In conclusion, while Kate is a public figure, the publication of the photograph violates her privacy. Because, in this case, the right to privacy premium on the right to freedom of information.

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