Here we can see the front page of ABC newspaper, after the tragic accident Santiago de Compostela this last summer. It’s a picture where we can see a relative of one of the victims of the train accident, he is in a privacy moment and because of that, I would say that ABC is infringing the right to personal and family privacy, and also the right to own imagen.

He is in a delicate and private moment of his life as we can see in the picture. And, We have to remember that the freedom of information has its limits on the respect to the human rights. This information of ABC is affecting to the person´s photographed privacy so that’s why I think that the newspaper is infringing the rights of personal privacy and own image.

It’s clear that the accident is of public interest, but the picture´s person is a private person. He isn´t news. He isn´t accesory to the picture.

In conclusion, if no consent of the person, we think that newspaper violates his privacy and own image.

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