The digital newspaper in the International section, published this notice on December 1, 2013. In the article we can find this picture that was taken in a protest in front of Belfast Town Hall, to get that the English flag flies again in the town hall.

I think that the picture is valued as a fact, and it’s newsworthy and veracious, because it’s a public interest. As it was a protest, the people that appears are in a public act and in a public road or street, so they lose their privacy an image rights: they are accesories. I think that the children shouldn’t appear in the photo and would be better to take a more general photo, because they are children and should be protected. Besides, I think that the children would be pixelated, to respect the minor protection.
So, I think that it’s very clear that Europapress should eliminate this picture o pixelate the faces of the children, because they are infringe the right of minor protection, and therefore the privacy and image rights of the children.

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