The digital newspaper on November 3, 2013, published this notice on the section «Your town». The XIX Manga Hall was celebrated on the first weekend of November in Barcelona attended by more than 100.000 people.

This notice refers especially to the winners of the Manga’s category for men and women in the honorific prizes submitted in this edition. The image of the notice show us some visitors who went to the Manga Hall. Valuing this news we can affirm that it’s a fact, which is newsworthy and veracious, because it has public interest. Also, we can say that it exercises the freedom of information.

Afterwards, we can see that in the image they prove to be minors and that people are perfectly recognized. Then, we can say that their image is infringed. However, maybe could be that it doesn’t manage to damage this right, since this image can be considered to be an accessory and everything what should go out in her, included the persons, be incidental and do not damage the right to the own image. Although being accessory or not, I think the children should be pixelated or hide his face feathering.

Finally it’s possible to say that the weighting, it would be towards the newspaper, in this case, since it’s possible to consider the persons to be accessories in the news; but yes that it would be nice, that had taken care of the image of the minors who appear.

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